As our beloved West advances its own confused suicide more everyday, through the shrewd hyper-liberal ideologues and engineered social conformity, we rightists tend to think of ourselves as defenders against decay in the seemingly limitless forms. Alas, it is not difficult to think himself as right and the other as wrong, and therefore, fulfilled in his moral and political duty. One may see it that the West is “falling” while others can accurately identify the “push” of a particular subversive agenda. On many fronts, surely, the right must defend. However, it is up to us alone to not only defend, but advance. Even the idea of tradition must be “advanced”. Unfortunately, political movements tend to develop an ego, much in the same way as an individual does. The identity of a person, or movement as I argue, becomes defined by comparison, rather than by merit or virtue alone; I am this because I am not that — in brief, substance become reactionary. Because the right has taken on such vague and expansive forms over recent times, we may be getting closer to what I believe is destiny: total revolution. However, this is only one realistic estimation. A soft revolution may be even worse for us rightists. Nevertheless, conservative nature is not a matter of if or when; structure needs to find a way through the chaos at whichever stage is present. Likewise, each individual has a duty to identify and promote structure. He needs to look beyond comparison, beyond who is covering what basses, beyond ego battles. We need a hard unity against the left and thus, cohesive strength.

Who are we and what are we fighting for? There is no choice in this matter. Without a will to fight, there is no self, no identity, no existence. This is a hard pill we all need to swallow. It is a pill that does not dissolve into the blood stream or which is secreted through the urine. This pill is not meant to pass through our body in our lifetime. This is a pill like no other: our will to live. Even when we die, this pill is to be protected and passed on to our future generations. It may transform though the ages, but it remains fundamentally dense and structured. This is an inspirational burden, which is life itself. We rightists do not contend the duty of life, nor the unfairness of it. Likewise, we cannot wither from the duty that is required of us, as individuals, to embody what is necessary and form an immovable alliance on the matters which matter most: life itself.

Taking a hard stance on the issue of mass migration is not truly brave, per se, because it does not confront the internal problem. Bravery, I believe, is only half in the world, and half internal. It is no more brave to point out termites inside the frame of a house. It is necessary, but it does not match the cohesive bravery which is the will to build and sustain the house.

What the right needs as an affirmative unity, not only against replacement and invasion, but towards the inherent value of life as we know it. In the example of migration, the importance of borders is apparent: to protect our culture, civilization, ethnic makeup and way of life. It is su rather easy distinction to make that third wold migrants are not us. The begging question is still not answered. Who are we and what do we stand for? I do not intend to supply a cohesive answer to this question now, but I raise the question with broad implications, as well as specific ones.

If we are fighting against our own extinction, than we must be fighting for our survival — of our kind, race, culture, the occidental world. We cannot forget the most basic implications: we are fighting for actual life, not just notions of merit nor concepts of morality. The substrate to all of it is actual life, human life, from which all else grows. “Demographics are destiny” is often parroted and passed around our circles like a sort of tonic which rejuvenates our vision of the battlefield. In a pragmatic sense, the phrase is true, but lacking life. If our movement is going to truly live, not just as an automated unit, nor as a kind of Frankenstein infused with an invented “life” from a myriad of parts, we must become rigidly embodied by the spirit to live and fight, willing to risk our lives. We must take a compressive and affirmative stance for life, and for the internal rejuvenation of our spirit, as a people.

What happens to a people, a culture and society, when legalized abortion is practiced and accepted? The entire collective purpose of life shifts from transcendental to material. Children become an object, an entity of production and management — an extension of the capitalist production monster, facilitated by its minions, consumers. The omnipotent cancer mentality of consumption devours our most basic spiritual ability: to procreate. This is wrong. The only true answer to the question of children is responsibility and devotion. From this point of contention, the issue of legalized abortion, the entire underlying psyche of the culture falls into bleak spiritual poverty. Life sustains life, and our life is only a drop in the great ocean of our people and persisting, inventive spirit. Only when have we become nothing but hollow consumers, shopping for lifestyle and identity, do we consider children, as a society, as such an entity of choice. We rightists have no choice but to paint the enemy as clearly as possible. Our choice must be much greater.

There is simply too much to be cynical and bleak about in the modern world. If we are blackened by this reality, we surrender to the enemy. Certainly, to be strong rather than weak, looking problems as they are square in the face, is a major step-up. Tragically, this is as far as many on the right are willing to go. We must not only be warriors, but priests, teachers, fathers and mothers. We are a people, not a collection of automatons, not mere individuals who happen to form similar views. We do not keep our head high in idealism, but in courage and willingness — at least, we ought to, as individuals. If we do not embrace our shared and distinct reality, in spiritual as well as practical terms, we are no better than the degeneracy which we detest. Alas, we must become more than naysayers, but revolutionaries, artists, and devout worshipers — of life as it is by nature, as we write the rules over again, for our world is ours. These collective implications must be clear: the ultimate success and rejuvenation of our life-blood, and each one of these lives must be protected! Who else will protect the lives of the unborn!

If you have a speck of conservatism and goodness in your soul, you must do what you can to progress an affirmative, rather than reactionary, paradigm. We must, each of us, integrate this into our personal identities. If you shy away from this, you are a coward. No gains will be made by unwillingness to adopt firm positions.

Abortion is a major component to the puzzle of securing a demographic destiny, not only in the numbers, but in net-effect morality. We either negate or confirming the basis of life, this is black and white. Is life for us, as mere individuals, for our own enjoyment? Or, is life, so great, that we cannot fully know it, so we must protect and nurture it with the utmost care, passion, discipline and responsibility? We must accept the liability we have merely by existing in this time and place.

Life is not a game of management, but of victory and will. We must rise together and embody a hard stance against moral degeneracy in all forms. To squabble among ourselves is to surrender to the battle before it comes. In this way, there are no truly meaningful internal strifes worth holding within the right. The decay of our great Occidental world is far underway. We are already living among the ashes of the apocalypse, cleverly disguised as distraction, a simulated reality of collective and personal disenfranchisement. This is no time for brother wars. We must embrace the truth and our destiny as family, bound to victory. Our fight must be both external and internal, demanding penetrating and transformative criticism and self-awareness. Life, and the regeneration of it, must never be allowed to become subservient, and must remain in the realm of transcendence and ultimate glory, for and of our Occidental spirit.

Written by J. Biehl



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