Two weeks ago on a Friday night, three German teenagers were waiting to take a train home at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion when they were pushed onto the tracks in front of an approaching train. Two of the teenage boys were run over by the oncoming train and were killed instantly. The alleged culprits of the abhorrent murders, or at the very least manslaughters, were two older teenagers with migrant backgrounds.

The propaganda arm of the globalist politicians in Germany, the lying mainstream press, reported deceitfully on the occurrences of that night so as to conceal the cultural backgrounds of the perpetrators. Even though video surveillance has shown that the actions of the killers’ were intentional, the mainstream media in Germany deliberately obfuscated what happened. Terms like ‘accident’ and ‘tragedy’ were used to give the people the impression that what happened was merely an accident.

The Süddeutsche newspaper reported that a fight had ensued between the groups of teenage boys and had simply taken a ‘tragic end’. They reported that the three 16-year-old boys had ‘fallen’ on the rails and were ‘caught by the train and ran over and killed’.

The Bavarian Rundfunk also reported that the three German boys just happened to ‘fall’ on the tracks. In the piece they ran about the incident, they reported, “On Friday night, the two youths got into an argument with two other 17 year old youths at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion. All in all three 16 year old youths fell onto the train tracks during the argument.”

The BR Online characterized the double murder as an ‘accident’ where ‘three men’ following a fight ‘fell onto the train tacks’.

The Franken television channel named the events of that night as a ‘S-Train Disaster’. Like the other news outlets, they too reported that the two boys ‘fell onto the tracks’ and were ‘killed by the nearing train.’

My question is how exactly do three teenage boys all just fall down onto the railway tracks after an argument? The obvious answer – they don’t. And the lying German media seems to think the people are so stupid, that they would inevitably swallow this nonsense whole and without question.  

Fortunately, the following Monday after the attack, Bild, another German news outlet, unveiled the unpleasant truth that many others would have preferred to remain hidden. Bild reported that the two attackers who pushed the German teenagers onto the rails were in fact of Turkish and Albanian-Greek origin. They just happened to be born in Germany.  

The two German victims, Luca and Frederic, were from Heroldsberg, At the train station, after the two boys had met their third friend, they got in an argument with the Turk and the Greek. According to German police, the fight started of an absurd reason, and ultimately led to an overly aggressive reaction by the two culprits.

According to Bild, video surveillance of the crime proves that the Turk and Albanian both exhibited pure intent to push the three boys onto the rails.

Because that particular train doesn’t normally stop at the station, Luca and Frederic were both run over at full speed and were killed instantly. The third boy has been described as barely making it off of the tracks in time.

The two 17-year-old alleged perpetrators have since been arrested. All but one of the German mainstream media outlets that reported on this event didn’t bother to tell the public that the district attorney on the case had issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter, and that pure ‘malice’ was being assumed.

Written by Mr. Anderson


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