If Trump Wants to Win in 2020 Neoconservative Cancer like John Bolton Must be Removed Immediately


The primary reason that Trump won in 2016 was the fact that he painted himself as entirely different than the neoconservative presidents of the past like George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush before him.

The American public was clearly fed-up with this brand of ‘conservatism’, dare I call it that, and was pleading for something new. Trump seemed receptive and empathetic to these concerns. He ran as an anti-war, anti-mass immigration, paleoconservative candidate whose rhetoric suggested that like the people, he too held the same disdain for neoconservative establishment types.

So, if this was true, which increasingly, I’m less and less convinced that it was….Then why the hell is John Bolton, a neoconservative and bloodthirsty hawk, Trump’s new National Security Advisor?

If you aren’t familiar with John Bolton, you need to be. The man is nothing short of malignant cancer for the Trump administration. If Trump wishes to salvage his presidency and have any hope of being re-elected, Bolton, and people like him, need to be removed immediately.

The reason is simple.

Few individuals are more likely than Mr. Bolton, to lead the country into war. And as we have seen recently, getting out of the many wars that we are already in, will be next to impossible with people like Bolton occupying high places inside the Trump administration.

For those who aren’t familiar with this neoconservative traitor, John Bolton has constantly lobbied for young American men and women to be sent to their deaths in Middle Eastern wars that our country has no business being involved in.

During the presidency of George W. Bush, Bolton served as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq,  Bolton was at the forefront of the disinformation campaign against the American public to convince them to go to war. He was a key figure in the Bush administration that helped to propagate the lies that lead us to war with Iraq.

In 2002, Bolton gave a statement saying, “We are confident that Saddam Hussein has hidden weapons of mass destruction and production facilities in Iraq.”

Just a couple months ago, when a reporter from the Washington Examiner asked him about the decision to invade Iraq he replied, “I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct.”

If Trump was supposedly against the Iraq War, then why would put Bolton into such a key position in his administration?

For years now, Bolton has relentlessly pushed for war with Iran and Syria. Following Trump’s announcement to pull troops out of Afghanistan and Syria, Bolton slithered his way over to Israel to sabotage the planned troop withdrawal.

We all know how that turned out.

Judging by Trump’s drastic backpedaling and change of plans for troop withdrawal in the region, it appears that Bolton was successful in his subversive efforts.

This much is clear.

Pulling US troops out of wars that benefit Israel isn’t going to happen, and any efforts to do so will be thwarted and sabotaged by deep state, neocon actors like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo.

If one takes a second and considers Bolton’s behavior over the years, it isn’t difficult to realize exactly why he was recently given Sheldon Adelson’s Defender of Israel Award.

Bloodthirsty Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister and the world’s foremost proponent of preemptively bombing Iran, has repeatedly praised Bolton as a ‘tremendous champion of the American-Israel Alliance.’

Bear in mind that Iran, in over 230 years of existence, has never attacked or invaded another country. Everyone knows the same can’t be said for Israel.

Former Pentagon Official Michael Maloof, in an interview on RT, said, “There’s a Trump foreign policy and a Trump administration foreign policy. The neoconservatives have basically taken over the Trump administration’s foreign policy.”

Regarding his national security advisor, 2008 Presidential Candidate on Ron Paul extended some friendly advice to Trump, saying, “Just fire him!”.

Trump is running out of time. He still hasn’t built the wall, he hasn’t fulfilled his promises to withdraw troops from the Middle East, and he’s placed people who are ideologically incompatible with his base in key positions within his administration.

Trump supporters wouldn’t be wrong to consider Trump’s hiring of John Bolton as a betrayal.

Trump knew full well the kind of person John Bolton was before he brought him on as National Security Advisor.

Trump would do well to take heed to Ron Paul’s advice and remove the cancer before it’s too late.


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