Tucker Carlson is truly one of the few voices of reason remaining on cable television news in America. It’s surprising that given Carlson’s traditional conservative and pro-working class stance, that he hasn’t yet been removed from this influential position yet.

In the past, news anchors and political commentators who have espoused views similar to Carlson have been sidelined in one way or another by their respective mainstream media employer. Anchors like Lou Dobbs and Judge Andrew Napolitano, who have formerly occupied primetime cable news slots were both removed due to their ‘controversial’ traditional conservative viewpoints.

In this Fox News segment, the fiery conservative commentator and co-founder of The Daily Caller website bring to light the alarming policies that far-left, anti-American politicians who control the state of California are attempting to set into motion.

Recently, California Attorney General Javier Buserahas sent a severe warning to employers in his state saying, “defy the federal government or you will face punishment.” Yes, that’s right, the chief law enforcement officer of the Union’s most populous state has declared that he will punish citizens for simply following federal law. In this treasonous act of futile defiance of the federal government, Javier Busera has not only challenged the very integrity of our nation but has essentially proclaimed independence from the rest of America while ordering his citizens to succeed with him.

Throughout the segment, Tucker Carlson brings to light the key reasons why Democrats like Javier Busera are so keen on mass immigration and on keeping California a sanctuary state, despite it being at its own citizens’ peril. Well, simply put, it affords them endless opportunities to virtue signal, allows their billionaire donors easy and readily available access to cheap labor, and most importantly it ensures their re-election in the future.

All of this comes in the wake of the disgraceful acquittal of seven-time felon and five-time deported illegal immigrant, Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, who murdered 32-year-old Kathyrn Steinle, while she walked with her father and a friend along Pier 14 in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco. If it wasn’t for these kinds of reckless policies enacted and enforced by traitorous California politicians like Javier Busera, the young Kathryn Steinle might be still living today.

Tucker goes on to educate viewers on facts which they should already be aware of. Namely that the U.S. federal government is supreme to state governments. Tucker reminds us of one of the most important Supreme Court cases in U.S. history. He cites the prolific 1819 Supreme Court case known as McCulloch VS Maryland, where the court held that because the U.S. federal government is supreme to any individual state government, it’s indeed unconstitutional for the states to sabotage valid actions of the federal government.

We need to ask ourselves, who do these California politicians serve and where do their true loyalties lie?


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