Last Friday, a 25-year old male asylum seeker from Afghanistan carried out a heinous knife attack against a pregnant Polish woman at a hospital in the small west German town of Bad Kreuznach.

The 25-year old Polish woman suffered life threatening injuries and immediately underwent emergency surgery after she was attacked. Following the surgery her condition became stable; however, her unborn baby wasn’t so lucky.

Police have reported that the 25-year old Afghan asylum seeker first came to the hospital to visit the pregnant woman. Following an argument between the two, the man began repeatedly stabbing the woman with a knife.

After the frenzied attack the suspect fled the scene, but was quickly arrested by German police officers at a train station nearby.

The Afghan assailant appeared in front of a judge on Saturday, who ordered him to remain in police custody. He has been charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder, and unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

We can only hope that after he serves his sentence he will be removed from the continent indefinitely.

Ever since the rapid and sustained influx of economic migrants and asylum seekers began in 2015, violent crimes against native Europeans by foreigners have become a growing source of tension within most European countries.

Just last year, another Afghan migrant man made headlines in the German media after he was convicted of murdering an elderly man who employed him to work inside of his home.

According to German prosecutors, that the attacker slashed the victims throat with a knife whilst he slept. Following the cold-blooded killing, the assailant stole the man’s car and fled the scene.

How’s that for being grateful?

What more can Europeans provide besides safety, order, homes, healthcare, and jobs?

After the German government faced severe backlash from the public, they passed laws to hasten the deportation of convicted migrant criminals and failed asylum seekers. Unfortunately, the removal of undesirable foreigners has proven to be quite difficult.

It was revealed last year by a German newspaper report that just 11,100 of the 23,900 scheduled deportations was successful. Many thousands of the deportees were listed as ‘not found’, while about 1,000 other cases were abandoned for other reasons.

Sadly this problem isn’t unique to Germany. Throughout the continent, 100,000s of violent criminal migrants, most of whom are military aged men from the Middle East and North Africa, continue to roam freely and continue to enjoy the benefits of living in Europe.

Will Western governments side with their native populations and remove these invaders in a humane way, or will they take the side of the economic migrants at the peril of their own populations?

This is one of the essential questions of our time.

Written by: Julian Hein


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